Duane Porter

COO | Chief Operating Officer

Duane is a 4th generation Floridian, and has lived in Hardee County since kindergarten. He has victory over a 25 year alcohol and methamphetamine addiction, and has been sober since June of 2006. His passion is encouraging people to take back their life from the grips of addiction, and find their true gifts and talents that will allow them to live a successful sober life. His desire is to help restore a community that has been devastated by drugs and alcohol.  Working in this field since 2009 has given him an understanding of how to make this facility model work for this community. He has led many recovery and life skills groups.  Duane sits on the board for Drug Free Hardee and was ordained as a pastor in 2013, has completed the Peer Recovery Support Specialist Training, and is a certified Family Integrity Training Facilitator.