Jose and Elisa (2)


Hope For The Broken

I find myself thinking every day about how much the Lord Jesus Christ has done in changing my life and giving me blessing after blessing…. I give Him all the glory!  I thank Him for Duane Porter because he took the time to help me get into the Harvest House Transitional Centers in Sarasota, went to court with me every time, and has walked me through the healing and recovery I desired. He and his family have stuck with me, even while I was in prison, and even now, they are an important part of my life and sobriety.  Duane reaches out to the broken people like I was, that the enemy had in captivity.  In and out of the “drug world” (using and selling), many people never break that cycle of addiction. The work that The Crossings Addiction Services does is so important to the healing this community needs, there are so many more stories like mine out there, waiting to be helped.  

Brother in Christ,
Jose A. Ramirez, III

Ronnie and Brandi



 I struggled with addiction off and on for about 30 years,  I was what  I would like to think of as a "functioning addict",  I always held a job and I thought a somewhat normal life -  that’s crazy.  There’s nothing normal about being an addict,  it’s mostly chaotic at best.   Eventually, I ended up in jail and then in prison, Once I was released it didn’t take long to get back to old habits,  I started a long spiral into complete addiction,  I lost everything and almost everyone that cared about me and ultimately ended up back in jail.

Friends -  there comes a point in our lives where we all need one.  I have known Duane literally all my life, and although we hadn’t seen each other in years he reached out to me and offered me a better way of life,  I realized it was time for a change,  I was not only hurting myself but the ones that loved me also suffered.   Once I let God take control -  my life has been on the right path,  it’s not always been easy, but it’s so much better than the hell I was living.

Today I’m married to my best friend who also never gave up on me, I have a great job and great friends.  I believe if it hadn’t been for Duane having the love in his heart to help people like myself there’s no telling where I’d be today.  I believe in him, and the mission he’s on to help others find that better way of life that he helped me get back to.

Thank you and God Bless,

Ronnie Hall                                                                                                   

Jasmine and Family


How I Did It

The drugs didn’t care if I was a good mother, if I had a job, if I had to work, if I was hungry or if I had any sleep. It didn’t care about any of it. I was at war with myself, I was a slave in my own mind. I couldn’t escape it and I ran to the drugs, thinking I was going to find answers when actually,  I just found problem after problem stacking up one after another. These problems that I brought upon myself, under the influence, then became my life. After losing the most important people in my life, I knew it had to be time to quit. It took me a little bit of time to get to where I am now, but I owe it all to my family back at home and I owe it all to Duane Porter and Izzy Torres from The Crossings Services, my second greatest supporters and support system ever. One thing they both never let me forget is that it all started with me, I owe it to myself too, but because of them. They both hold a big part in my life due to their open arms, just like Jesus would do, without any judgment, only kindness and firmness, and realistic words that made sense to me. It was as if God Himself was talking to me through them.  Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am right now in life. This is the best Christmas gift ever - my 3 mini-me’s right before Christmas, making it to December 4th,  beating the drug and my addiction to it, and most importantly, finding myself once again.

If I can do this, I know anyone can. God bless.

xox, Jasmine K. Garza